Custom Pacifica for Joshua Ray Gooch #1

Custom PAC510V for Joshua Ray

Joshua Ray Gooch recently called us in a panic. The lead guitarist in Shania Twain's band was told he needed a red colored "Strat" for the opening song of their current Rock This Country tour and he only had a few days to get it. When situations like this arise for artists, the first thing we do is start with a stock guitar recipe and then modify based on the player's needs. In this case we chose a Pacifica 503V because of it's Candy Apple Red finish and then gave it a sonic and cosmetic facelift. Here's some of what we did:

Whole picture of PAC510V custom
Wilkinson Vintage Trem, McNelly Stagger Swagger humbucker and Lollar Vintage Blonde single coils
Tinted headstock